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Dance Studio Management Software.

Cultivate a thriving dance community and grow your business with ease via our all-in-one dance studio management app.

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Designed for Dance Studios

Swyvel - The Ultimate Dance Studio Software Suite

Built for Studio Success

Tailored to overcome the unique challenges of dance studio management, Swyvel offers robust scheduling, payment, and CRM systems to keep your studio in perfect rhythm.

Modern & Intuitive

Swyvel’s sleek interface is not just about good looks; it’s about providing a seamless, intuitive experience that makes studio management as graceful as the art of dance itself.

Built by Champions for Champions

Developed by champion dancers turned tech innovators, Swyvel understands the dance community's pulse. We deliver a software solution that resonates with the rhythm of your studio's needs.

Expect Excellence

Dance studios are poised for a transformation with Swyvel.
See the early buzz from industry leaders.

With centralized communication and mass texting capabilities, we can easily generate turnout for events and practice parties. The online payments feature simplifies our financial processes, which will make everything from billing to revenue tracking a breeze.

#1 Competitive Dance Studio


After struggling with one-size-fits-all software, seeing Swyvel was a breath of fresh air. It’s clear that it was crafted with dance studios in mind, offering the specific tools we need without the clutter. The ease of use is perfect for our instructors and students.

A Top Studio in the Northeast

Business Admin

It’s so empowering to have all our lesson information in one place, easily accessible, and beautifully organized. Before Swyvel, we relied on scattered methods like journals and random phone apps, which were far from ideal. Swyvel’s advanced note-taking system, coupled with video storage, has been a game-changer.

Champion Dancers


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Advanced Scheduling

Our advanced calendaring allows you to share availability, book lessons, and propose new times with unparalleled ease. Sync with Google included.

Integrated SMS

Coordinate schedules, notify events, and send lesson reminders. Keep your dance community connected with just a few clicks

Robust Payment System

From lesson fees to selling merchandise, our versatile payment infrastructure supports all your e-commerce needs. Secure, flexible, and integrated directly into Swyvel for your convenience.

Enhanced Lesson Notetaking

Capture every step with advanced lesson notes, video storage, and instructor feedback. A digital repository for students to revisit and perfect their moves anytime.

Business Analytics Dashboard

Gain insights into your studio's performance with our powerful analytics dashboard. Track growth, understand trends, and make data-driven decisions to keep your business en pointe.

CRM for Lead Management

Nurture potential students from first contact to loyal community members. Our CRM tools help you manage leads effectively, ensuring no opportunity slips through the cracks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Experience a platform where every feature, from nuanced lesson scheduling to effortless payment integration, is choreographed for efficiency. Our CRM and communication suite keep you in lockstep with your community, liberating you from the administrative dance to focus on what moves you. From top of funnel lead management to the final curtain call, Swyvel sets the stage for studio success.

Absolutely. Swyvel has a fully integrated ecommerce system that allows for the sale of classes, merchandise, and event tickets. The payment system is secure and easy to use, ensuring a smooth transaction process for both you and your clients.

Swyvel scales to your studio's ambitions. Whether you're a solo instructor or a multi-location enterprise, our platform adapts to the beat of your business. Tailored tools dance to the rhythm of your needs, ensuring Swyvel supports every studio's size and stride.

Swyvel puts the spotlight on student engagement. Our digital suite, featuring video storage and interactive lesson notes, harmoniously integrates with your lessons, allowing for an enriched learning experience where students can revisit dance routines and lesson notes anytime, fostering continuous improvement alongside their in-studio sessions. It's a standing ovation for students' progress, with personalized communication that keeps the dance floor full and every student in step.

Choose focus over generic. Swyvel isn’t a jack-of-all-trades; we’re masters of one: dance. Big-box software dilutes your experience with bloated features and outdated tech. Swyvel is different. Our sleek, cutting-edge platform is built by dancers, for dancers, ensuring every click resonates with your studio's pulse. Streamlined, intuitive, and dance-centric — Swyvel is the key to unlocking a studio experience that leaps beyond expectations.

It is so easy to get started

Transition smoothly to smarter studio management with Swyvel’s intuitive platform designed specifically for dance studios.

The obsession that never fades...

We began ballroom dancing in preparation for our wedding, seeking a dance that captured our spirit and sparked excitement.

Soon after, we didn't want to stop. We couldn't.

We embraced the world of American Rhythm and International Standard, learning every dance, every step.

Competitions became our arena, from NDCA to USA Dance, where we danced our way to the top — becoming National Champions in the Bronze, Silver, and Gold Amateur categories, one after another.

It was our systematic approach to learning and our unwavering engagement with the dance, that led to our success.

And it's this same methodology, this same passion, that we've woven into Swyvel — to offer a digital student experience unlike any other.

For studio owners who aspire to provide a premier experience, Swyvel is your partner in achieving excellence.

This is more than just software; it's a testament to a love for dance that knows no bounds.

— Drago & Kelly

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